Community Outreach

The Cait Rose Gallery Team is on a mission to meaningfully impact the lives of people in our community near and far.  We believe in the transformative power of art — that its creation, its elevation, and its exchange in the marketplace is an unstoppable force for good.


A fifteen-year veteran in philanthropy and charitable giving, owner Cait Rose has always viewed art as a vehicle for change.  A portion of every piece Cait creates is donated to organizations and individuals in need.  Cait’s most notable professional experiences include granting wishes for The Make A Wish Foundation, acquiring sponsors for the Special Olympics, connecting individuals with life threatening illnesses to resources, designing and coordinating events for The Hometown Foundation, and working with Boca-based Place of Hope to secure donations for victims of human trafficking and sex trafficking.  


The common thread among all of Cait’s endeavors?  A soul-deep desire to do good by helping others be and feel their best.  She’s especially grateful to have found a way to do so through art. 


A note from Cait below: 


​Throughout our collective journey, we are constantly re-orienting ourselves towards our highest purpose:

to add to the world in some way, shape, or form.


Seeing the world and all its layers through our own unique lenses, we are nonetheless, as humans, bound to one another.  Our destinies are tied, and we are one.  As individuals, it is up to us to decide how we are best suited to add life to those around us.  When I was a child, all I wanted to do was find ways to help people — especially when it came to happiness.  I recall writing notes on tiny crumpled up pieces of paper and taping them to pennies.  I’d drop these pennies around my neighborhood for people to stumble upon, hoping they’d find positivity and light in my words.  I would place roses or crystals on the door steps of people I’d never met and seek ways to make friends of strangers.  Finding and showing the light has always been my North Star.  When I started selling art, I decided a donation would be made for every single piece I would ever sell.  It didn't matter if I needed the money or not; a sale was a sale, and, looking back, I don't think I would have achieved the things I have today without insisting — early on — that giving back is a non-negotiable in my career.


When my brand evolved from an independent artist to taking on a role as a gallery owner, it was time to create a proper charitable fund. 


Currently, the Gallery’s two areas of focus are

(1) helping victims of human and sex trafficking


(2) feeding individuals who don't have access to enough food or water. 

For each item sold, a donation is made.


I am always available to discuss opportunities to partner on human- and justice-centered charitable endeavors. 

For more information on The Cait Rose Gallery’s commitment to community, please email

Cait Rose Gallery accepts 3 requests per year for charitable artworks to be sent to auction as full donations. 

To submit your request today please follow the request guidelines below.

In-Kind & Auction Requests:

  • All requests must be made by email with a minimum of 60 days notice to review.

  • You must submit detailed information in regard to the organization and be located in the South Florida area.

  • 2 complimentary tickets to the event must be included, as the artists would like to be present at the time of auction.

  • Attendance by the artists will be considered based on our yearly calendar bookings and can not be guaranteed.​​