Cait Rose

Cait Rose is a self-taught artist from Connecticut that works with Broken Glass, Crystals, Diamonds, and Gold to create abstract Geodes on custom made wood canvases. Her creative process begins with a concept sketch derived from vision boards uniquely created for each client. Once the vision board has been laid out, Rose begins the creative process of bringing your energy to life. Many of her pieces are set on fire prior to the completion of the project to create natural, small divots, and finished off with one final layer of resin.  ​

Rose has spent many years working from the heart for non-profit organizations and believes in giving back to the community through both donations and time. A percentage of  every piece she makes goes to various charities that she holds close to her heart.

The Process begins with a consultation to discuss color schemes, materials, measurements, and the style of your desired piece. You will have the option to gear your artwork toward a specific energy that you would like to feel when looking at the piece.

All art works are originals and have a guaranteed 30-90 day turnaround time.

To get started on a custom piece for your home, contact the gallery today!

The World is Yours
$ 3,600 
The Golden Path
$ 6,000 
$ 5,250 
The Rise
$ 3,200 
The Money Collection
$ 6,000 
Drip Drip
$ 3,000 
Life as we see it
$ 6,000 
Memorable Waves
$ 2,500 
Blue Daze
$ 1,200 
That's Life
$ 1,500 
The Journey of the Creator
$ 600 
Finally Free
$ 700 
Together We Have It All
$ 1,500 
$ 5,200 
$ 9,700 
Pass with Grace
$ 5,200 
Neshama Sheli
$ 2,700 
$ 2,700 
The Journey
$ 2,200