Investment Art

In recent years, the art industry has climbed its way to the top tiers of ways to invest. In 2018, the art market sales reported by Art Basel reached over $67 billion in revenue. Art-as-investment has become extremely popular in part because buyers are able to complement their home with conversational pieces that, over time, may go up in value. These pieces are generally passed down for generations to come and or resold if desired, after about 10 years or more. Art generally holds its value based on the reputation of the artist. When you purchase, purchase for the love of art, and do so with experienced curators that can guide you through the process.

Our Team

The art buying process can often feel overwhelming -- especially if you are unsure what exactly it is that you want. Our curators put clients at ease by learning about the style, look, and feel that best match the taste of the client. Once we’ve got a clear picture of your preferences, your curator will go to work gathering high-end art selections for you. Each curator has full access to Cait Rose Gallery, galleries across the state of Florida, and countless online platforms to provide you with a limitless selection of artists and artworks.

To get started with a curator, please fill out the form below. We will follow up with a phone call from your curator within 24hrs. After speaking with your curator, a deposit of $150 will be required to begin the art selection process. When you purchase your artwork within the first 14 days, your deposit is immediately refunded.

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