Artist: Cait Rose

Dimensions: 24(h) x 48 (w)

Materials: Diamond, Diamond Dust, Citrine, Onyx, Tigers Eye, Clear Crystal Quartz, Labrodite, Grey Moon Stone, Broken Glass, Acrylic, Resin


*Upon completion, this work of art is set on fire and finished off with a final coat of resin.


The Meaning of Meraki is to do something with passion and to leave a piece of your soul within your work


*Meraki is part of The Money Collection by C.Rose. Each stone in this collection is hand selected to generate elements of creative energy, a clear mind, financial success, emotional and physical strength. They activate the path of intuition,  bring fortune in love and business matters and help make decisions with discernment  unclouded by emotion. The Money collection was created to help generate and strengthen the needs of an entrepreneurial mindset.