Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham was born in Denver, Colorado 1954. In his youth,
he showed an incredible talent as an artist. In the early 90’s, he took the step
of becoming a professional artist and devoted himself entirely to painting.
He has studied at a number of Denver Art classes over the years, with
techniques refined at the Colorado Institute of Art, Red Rocks Community
College, and Colorado State University.
As an artist, there is a constant challenge to look at your work differently
and closer, to re-arrange images that are memorable. Each painting contains
some common themes that are quite primal as an artist and certainly as a
viewer such as: color, techniques, textures, and motion.
Travel filled my curiosity and determination to express my own journey
visually. I have always been attracted to the beauty of the landscape. The
variety of colors and textures, nature provides endless inspiration for
My current work grows from these experiences as I explore glazing new
techniques attempting to blend many brilliant colors that bring my paintings
to life.
In June 2016, I settled in the country of Colombia for 2 1⁄2 years. I opened
my own gallery, where I was in the company of a great community of
In 2019, I relocated to Miami, Florida to continue my journey and passion
for art.
Many private collectors own my works across the country, Europe, Canada
and South America.