Sharon Pollak

Sharon Pollak Learning toward contemporary and abstract-realism, Sharon Pollak's art offers clients an opportunity to be challenged by the unfamiliar while using suggestive yet identifiable subjects and images.

Her art generates positive energy and harmony through the use of carefully selected color schemes, textures, and materials.

The positive energy that flows from each canvas mirrors her life which is dynamic, exciting and joyful.  

Sharon does not paint with brushes, instead she prefers cloths, palette knives, and miscellaneous tools.

The Magic of Trees
$ 900 
Light the Way
$ 1,900 
Here and There
$ 2,000 
Summer at Sea
$ 1,050 
$ 1,000 
$ 2,200 
Symphony of The Sea
$ 1,200 
Heart Matters
$ 1,600 
Capture the Moment
$ 1,100 
The Power of Happy
$ 1,700 
A Good Day of Sailing
$ 2,200 
The Best Ships are Friendships
$ 1,400 
Lost in Paradise
$ 2,700 
No Wake
$ 1,100