Harry Hoppe

Harry Hoppe was born in Long Island, New York in 1956, and began his artistic career at the age of 12. Harry is nationally recognized and is based in Delray Beach, Florida. The brilliance of his work comes from the artist’s masterful ability to combine opposite colors to create art with energy.

Harry is currently President of the Delray Beach Art League where he mentors and guides local artists aging from teenagers to accomplished artists in their seventies. Harry was a very successful entrepreneur. He sold his computer company in New York approximately 20 years ago to pursue his passion in art fulltime. He is a very skilled neo-expressionist whose art is described as highly textured and vibrant. He combines seemingly opposite colors to create cohesive works of art. Harry’s art form varies widely from 3-dimensional art to lines of color. His work is currently displayed throughout the country in numerous galleries as well as private and corporate collections. Through his use of paint brushes and paint cans, found objects, and even used Gucci and Louis Vuitton clothing. Harry erased the dividing line between fine art and mass culture. This shifted modern art away from abstraction towards the consumer landscape of 21st century America.

The Google Collection
$ 4,200 
The Yellow Brush Stroke
$ 1,000 
The Red Spilled Paint Can
$ 1,200 
The Black Spilled Paint Can
$ 1,200 
Multi Brush Stroke
$ 1,200 
Purple Rain 2
$ 1,600