GSTAKIS considers his art to be a byproduct of American culture, that digs deep into society’s obsession with sex, greed and capitalism by creating attention-grabbing artworks (paired with symbolically chaotic backdrops) – from mixed-media collages to mashups of celebrity icons and abstract backgrounds – dipped in resin and diamond dust.​

GSTAKIS curates live painting performances and pop-up exhibitions throughout South Florida. His eclectic and neon-accented style has attracted high-end commissions that have adorned the walls of homes, hotels and restaurants in L.A., Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and New York City.

GSTAKIS believes “art is the new fashion” – a true medium for self-expression in this made-to-order era – and doesn’t limit his creativity to canvas. A penchant for original style, he customizes clothing and merchandise, leaving his distinctive mark on everything from Louis Vuitton duffel bags to distressed denim.

In The Midst
$ 8,700 
Kung Fu Panda
$ 8,700 
Being Normal is Boring
$ 2,200 
Breakfast at Tiffany's
$ 3,200