Alex Yost

Alex Yost is a self-taught artist who lives in the U.S. He is labeled as a Modern Expressionist, often using vivid abstract multi-layered backgrounds featuring iconic portaits. Fueled by inspirational figures, musical geniuses, nostalgic icons, athletes and people in everyday life, Yost attempts to bring his work to life with each new piece of art. For him, it's more than just having his work hanging in a museum. It's about having a positive impact on those around him.

A percentage of all sales goes to those impacted by poverty and emergencies. Some of the charities he has given to include: American Red Cross, FEMA, World Relief, World Vision, Hurricane Maria Community and Relief Fund, Habitat for Humanity Disaster Response, St. Jude's Children Hospital, Tearfund, and Oxfam.

While his work now hangs in 14 countries, he has been lauded at numerous shows throughout the U.S. Some of his creativity stems from places he's visited. Recently he ventured to Thailand, China, Sweden, Germany, and other notable countries in Europe.

One unique experience was being tattooed by a monk while in Chang Mai, Thailand, and he never forgets what was told to him. It's something he lives his life by:

Follow any passion you ever have and never be insecure of your creativity...